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Accent Lighting

Track lighting is an alternative to your traditional wired lamps and fixed lighting designs. We have a variety of track lighting fixtures to fit any design you are looking to achieve.
Under cabinet lighting is a great way to illuminate counter tops and other difficult to light areas. Under cabinet lighting is perfect for any kitchen or office area.
Recessed lighting options are a popular way to illuminate your home in style. These fixtures fit in with many different designs and produce great lighting.
Chandeliers add a personal touch to any home. Pick out the perfect piece to fit in with any design scheme.

Remodels  & Additions

Remodeling or adding to your home is a big project and many factors need to be taken into consideration.  We strive to be the best electricians available and have experience with the most complex home remodels and additions.
Service, Repair & Troubleshooting

Our team is ready and willing to tackle any electrical service or repair within your home. We have a wide range of experience handling both common and uncommon electrical issues and can fix any problem you may be having in your home.

Panel Upgrades & Replacements

Wether you are needing to upgrade your panel to allow for more power within your home or your current panel is in need of repalcement. Feel confident our team is well qualified to safely and professionally handle your needs, bringing all componates up to the standards of the National Electrical Code.

Code Corrections

Ensure that your home is safe and up to current code. We will inspect your home or business and create a report that outlines our findings. We can then make any necessary fixes to ensure safety standards are met.

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